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  Gold Coast Pool Safety Certificates  


Real Estate/Pool Owners Planning to Sell:

As of the 1st December, it is a requirement by the Queensland Government for the sellers of a property with a pool to obtain a Pool Safety Certificate.

  • Need pool safety certificate before settlement or must provide a form giving buyer 90 days to obtain
  • Pool Safety Certificate is valid for 2 years (non-shared) and 1 year (shared)
  • Only needs updating after two years, when selling property


As of the 1st December, it is a requirement by the Queensland Government for the landlords of a property with a pool on a regulated property to have obtained a Pool Safety Certificate

  • Inspection needed before lease signed or renewed
  • Properties with Body Corporate structures have a grace period of 2 years

Pool Owners:

It is important that ALL Pool owners are familiar with these new laws.

  • No Pool Safety inspection required until December 2015 unless selling property prior to this
  • Pool needs to be on pool fence registered by the 4th May 2011 or penalties apply
  • Penalties will apply to pool fences that do not comply

Resorts, Motels, Caravan Parks:

New pool safety laws apply as of the 1st December 2010, these laws also apply to Resorts, Hotels, Motels, Caravan Parks, Backpacker hostels and other Business establishments that sell room accommodation, and have swimming pools.

  • If you manage an accommodation business with a pool, the Queensland Government has made it necessary for you to arrange a pool fence safety inspection.
  • The Queensland Government has recognised the enormous demand for pool inspections and has allowed a 6 month gracing period for you to comply.
  • Pool Safety Certificate is valid for one year.


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